Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery Series
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  • NI-MH High Power Battery

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    Possess high discharge voltage, and can be charged at 1C and discharged at 15C;

    Compared with normal batteries, high drain batteries have a 20% higher output power to meet the requirements of high current device;

    Higher energy density up to 80Wh/kg;

    Stable charging and discharging performance;

    It performs well even over discharged and high safety;

    Various models: A, AA, AAA, N,SC, C, D, F

    Application: special application, robot, medical electronics, emergency backup battery, RC/ModelAirsoft Gun,Power Toolsexploring and surveying, commercial finance, instrument, apparatus and consumer electronics.

    Good safety performance: can pass all safety certification tests.

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    We offer battery packs with different capacity, voltage, assembling way and wire and connectors